EU Advisory Mission helps train Ukrainian patrol police in safe driving techniques

European Union
European Union

Forty-eight Patrol Police officers from Kyiv have successfully completed a course in defensive driving which was recently organised by the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM). The aim of the four-week programme was to improve professional skills through theoretical and practical exercises involving driving vehicles in different weather and traffic and in emergency and stressful situations.

This should result in a reduction of incidents involving patrol police cars and minimise risks for road users, said the EUAM in a press release.

According to the EUAM, as well as Kyiv, the course will also be organised for patrol police in Kharkiv and Lviv. It plans to provide the defensive driving course for 144 patrol police officers in total.

“EUAM is happy to support the Patrol Police in its efforts to improve the professionalism of its staff, said Ionel Mihaiu, EUAM General Policing Adviser.

“The situation on Ukrainian roads is a topic that can’t be ignored, as the country has one of the highest accident rates in Europe. Patrol Police officers should not only demonstrate model driving skills but also take the lead in road traffic safety,” he added.

The EUAM was formally launched on 1 December 2014, with a mandate to support Ukrainian state agencies in the reform of the civilian security sector. The mission works towards achieving the sustainability of Ukrainian security services that will be able to deliver the rule of law and law enforcement, increase public confidence and trust, and ensure full respect for human rights.

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