Energy Community experts cycle 460 km to this year’s Summer School

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The clean energy transition is at the heart of the Energy Community’s activities and the key focus of this year’s Energy Community Summer School, taking place on 24–31 August in Kraków, Poland.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint of the event and demonstrate the importance of taking ambitious actions to mitigate climate change, two experts from the Energy Community Secretariat, Peter Vajda and Jan Matyas, travelled by bike from Vienna on a 460-kilometre journey through Austria, Slovakia and Poland.

The Secretariat’s Senior Environmental Expert, Peter Vajda, said: “Emission abatement is a central part of the work of the Energy Community. While this week’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our organisation may seem like a drop in the ocean, I hope it will raise awareness of the 40 young people taking part in this year’s Summer School but also beyond on the need to take an active role in the energy transition.”

By cycling rather than flying, each expert has saved an estimated 120 kg of CO2 emissions. Building on their efforts, the majority of this year’s Summer School speakers are travelling to the event venue by train, instead of using aerial transport.

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