Energy Community contracting parties evaluate progress of 2020 renewable energy targets

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

This week, the Energy Community secretariat hosted three consecutive events on how to boost renewables, facilitate their integration into the energy market and enable energy transition. Finding the right policies and measures for a conducive renewables framework remains critical, as many contracting parties have fallen behind in meeting their 2020 renewables targets.

According to the latest statistics presented by the secretariat of the Renewable Energy Coordination Group on 12 November, three countries, including Ukraine, are unlikely to meet their 2020 renewables target. No contracting party, including Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, will meet their 10% renewable energy target for the transport sector with present shares at or close to 0%.

The lack of reliable data, especially on biomass used for heating, was identified as a key bottleneck for tracking the progress of the contracting parties accurately, but also for building credible forecasts for the integrated national energy climate plans (NECPs) to 2030.

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