Businesses in Ukraine help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions thanks to EU

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The Ukrainian companies Meest and PRANA have joined forces to deliver zero-greenhouse-gas services in Ukraine. Customers who order goods from these companies and opt in for the environmentally friendly delivery option (at the price of UAH 1, or €0.03) will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions caused by shipping. The funds from this service will be used to plant trees, restore wetland ecosystems and develop energy conservation technologies. Both companies are the beneficiaries of the ‘Climate innovation vouchers’ programme, supported by the EU.

In 2018, the company Meest, Ukraine’s second largest postal operator, received a grant for the implementation of its ‘Green logistics’ project within the framework of the ‘Climate innovations vouchers’ programme. The company introduced software for optimising the loading, scheduling and routing of its delivery vehicles, which resulted in lower per-parcel CO2 emissions.

PRANA, one of the leaders of Ukrainian ventilation systems, also received funds from the programme to manufacture a new generation of recuperators with smart control, helping to improve the air quality in homes and offices, schools, and hospitals, while reducing energy loss.

 ‘Climate innovation vouchers’ is a grant programme under the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the EU. Implemented in Ukraine by Greencubator, the programme helps companies to develop innovative climate technologies. The programme also aims to break down the policy, financial, technical and awareness barriers that hamper such innovation.

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