Business “bootcamps” promote innovative rural entrepreneurship in Georgia

Photo: ENPARD Georgia
Photo: ENPARD Georgia

Last week, 40 local entrepreneurs took part in a three-day business “bootcamp” in Chakvi, Georgia. The activity aimed to show participants how to start, run and grow a rural enterprise, as well as to generate creative ideas and find realistic ways of implementing them.

The exercise guided the participants through all the stages of business planning, from developing an idea and making it more concrete by identifying target audiences and clientele, to assessing market needs and local opportunities, designing innovative commercial products and services, and developing marketing and media plans.

A team of speakers and mentors were invited to lead the bootcamp. The team, which consisted of successful business owners and public relations and marketing managers from prominent companies, reviewed the business ideas proposed by the participants and informed them about modern trends in the tourism and hospitality industries.

All the business ideas were assessed using a Business Model Canvas, an effective visual tool for developing new business models by describing the business’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers and finances, and assisting the business in aligning its activities by illustrating potential trade-offs.

This activity was organised under the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD), as part of a broader effort to promote rural development in Georgia. 

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