Biofuel being produced from new sources in Moldova as EU continues to support industry

Energy and Biomass project
Energy and Biomass project

Two innovative Moldovan entrepreneurs have turned to new raw materials to produce biofuel. Young entrepreneur Dmitri Asoscov and his business partner Serghei Alexei, who earn their money by turning waste into energy, were looking for new sources in order to produce more biofuel and chose to use buckwheat husks and almond shells.

Dmitri and Serghei set up their business 3 years ago. The company provides jobs to 25 employees, including 15 employees working in the production area. So far, the company has produced and sold 150 tons of buckwheat briquettes and 150 tons of almond nutshells briquettes.

In addition to these two types of briquettes, the company produces briquettes made of sunflower seed shells, walnut shells and sawdust, as well as wood charcoal produced by pyrolysis. This has also led to an idea for a new business line in the production of electricity from the gases released during the pyrolysis process. “We will use the energy to feed the hall and the entire production process, but also for the needs of the office building,” says Dmitri.

The EU-funded Energy and Biomass Project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, has supported the development of the biofuel market in Moldova from scratch, stimulating both the demand and supply of briquettes and pellets.

Businesspersons such as Dimitri and Serghei have been given the opportunity to buy or lease baling and shredding equipment, briquetting lines and other equipment at a 0% interest rate. So far, thanks to the project’s support, 35 enterprises have been created. The project aims to contribute to the reliable, competitive and sustainable production of energy from biomass, which is the most viable and available source of renewable energy in the Republic of Moldova.

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