Belarus: participants of ‘School Garden’ network prepare for agricultural season with support of EU4Youth

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

During March and April, participants of the EU4Youth ‘School Garden’ network in Belarus received planting material, agricultural appliances and supplementary equipment for the 2020 agricultural season. The network includes 28 schools from Viciebsk , Homiel and Minsk regions.

Each school has its own schoolyard development plan. For example, in Paparatnaje, Vuts and Astaškovičy in the Homiel region, it is considered more important to develop vegetable plantations, and so the schools need greenhouses and irrigation systems. Other schools focus on garden development, cultivation and growing of berry shrubs and  fruit trees, and therefore need seedlings.

At the beginning of April, the thematic coordinator of the project, Uladzimir Pustashyla, visited seven schools in the Homiel region, gave recommendations on the schoolyard development plans and delivered visual and information materials.

The project hopes these preparations at the beginning of the season will help the participating schools to obtain a rich harvest of organic products, which will keep school students, teachers and local people healthy, as well as helping them to acquire new knowledge on various aspects of agriculture and entrepreneurship.

The EU4Youth: ‘School Garden’ for Agricultural Entrepreneurship project aims to foster the employability and active participation of young people living in disadvantaged rural areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, by developing modern labour, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and promoting new professional opportunities.

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EU4Youth: ‘School Garden’ for Agricultural Entrepreneurship