Belarus: EU supports opening of Green Bike Ring – a unique cycling route in Minsk

photo: European Union
photo: European Union

On 3 June, amateur cyclists, urban activists, journalists and anyone interested in seeing the new green bicycle trails in Belarus attended the opening of the ‘Green Bike Ring of Minsk’ cycling route.

The presentation of the new cycling route has been organised as part of the EU-funded “Development of urban cycling for public benefit in Belarus” project. It falls on the UN World Bicycle Day marked on 3 June.

Following the opening of the route, cyclists were invited to join a 70-km-long excursion via some of Minsk’s greatest ‘green’ sights.

The event has been organised by the Minsk Cycling Society under an EU-funded project that aims to support the creation of a sustainable cycling development plan and to improve cycling infrastructure in Belarus. Over a period of two and a half years, the project is also working to provide incentives for urban residents to use bicycles as daily means of transportation.

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