Belarus: EU project makes summer camp in Viciebsk more accessible for children with disabilities

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 4 August, a renovated accessible dormitory was opened at the Izumrudny children’s summer camp, located in Hlybokaje District, Viciebsk Region of Belarus.

The renovation work was carried out within the project ‘Navapolack – from an inclusive school to an inclusive city’. The project was financed by the EU and the Navapolack city authorities, and is aimed at creating an inclusive environment for children with disabilities.

The dormitory now has four comfortable bedrooms and two accessible bathrooms. The building has been equipped with a wheelchair ramp, and the area around it is accessible as well. An inclusive playground has been built with equipment for children with special needs. 

The camp is expected to receive its first group of children with disabilities in August 2020.

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