Belarus: EU brings energy efficiency to schools

Belarus: EU brings energy efficiency to schools
A school which has received energy-efficient renovations to halve its energy output will be opened in the Belarusian city of Dzerzhinsk on 11 November. The upgrade was completed as part of the EU-UN "Energy Efficiency in Schools" development programme to introduce modern energy-efficient technologies and reduce running costs in schools.
The project replaced old windows with double glazing, and installed solar roof panels and wall and roof insulation. Energy-intensive kitchen equipment and light bulbs were replaced with energy-saving alternatives and radiators were supplied with heat-reflective screens.
In addition to the new technology elements, project specialists organised thematic training and workshops for the teachers, to enable them to explain difficult aspects of energy efficiency to their students. The project also organiseda variety of educational events for parents and the local community.
Under the Energy Efficiency Programme the EU is funding a small pilot project "Energy Efficiency in Schools" which renovates heating, lighting and ventilation systems to save money and improve the quality of life for children.
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