Azerbaijan: EU provides equipment to detect chemicals and pesticides in water

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 10 December, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and the EU will celebrate the opening of the newly renovated laboratory centre of the National Environmental Monitoring Department in the country’s capital Baku.

The laboratory has recently installed new equipment provided in the framework of the EU-funded project “European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership” (EUWI+).

Thanks to this technological upgrade and renovation, the laboratory now conducts state-of-the-art water analyses which advance the protection of water and river basins in Azerbaijan.

The new devices are able to detect a much wider range of industrial chemicals and pesticides, many of which are carcinogenic, neurotoxic, or bioaccumulative.

With this expansion of the laboratory, more pollutants can now be monitored and subsequently managed with greater precision. This will eventually lower the risk for people and ecosystems to suffer from the toxic effects of such pollutants.

During the opening of the water laboratory, a high-level panel will inform the audience and media representatives about recent developments regarding water policy and integrated water management in Azerbaijan. 

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the participants will have the chance to visit the laboratory.

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