Armenian cities organise over 30 digital events during EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

A record number of digital events was organised across Armenia for EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 (EUSEW2020).

A total of 13 signatory cities of ‘Covenant of Mayors’ and two municipalities that have not joined the programme yet organised 28 virtual events, including essay contests, drawing and photograph competitions, webinars and online quizzes, interviews with mayors, and awareness campaigns about successful projects. In addition, the project ‘Covenant of Mayors East’ organised two thematic webinars and quizzes, as well as essay and selfie competitions, bringing the total number of events to 34. Most of the planned events were registered on the official EUSEW2020 website and displayed on a digital map.

EUSEW is the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe and is organised by the European Commission. This year, the event ran between 22 and 26 June under the theme ‘Beyond the crisis: clean energy for green recovery and growth’.

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