Armenia marks sharp increase in use of e-governance tools during COVID-19 pandemic

Photo: EU4Digital
Photo: EU4Digital

The number of Armenians using e-governance tools for public services has increased significantly during the coronavirus restrictions in the country.

Over 5,000 applications were sent by citizens in March 2020 via the one-window system for electronic requests. A high number of applications is observed in April too. For comparison, the applications sent in January were a little over 900.

This shows that the new electronic system is not only an innovative way to interact with government agencies, but also a useful tool that makes the daily lives of citizens easier.

The one-window system for electronic requests and the new electronic governance tools are part of Armenia’s public administration reforms. They have been introduced with support from the EU to improve the delivery of public services.

Since 2016, the EU has committed over €20 million to support public administration and public finance management reforms in Armenia.  As a result, over 10 e-governance platforms have been launched, including the electronic document management system ‘Mulberry’, the electronic system of the State Register for Legal Entities, a unified website for draft legal acts, an electronic notary system, and the Ministry of Justice hotline service.

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