All you need to know about vaccination in the time of COVID-19 – your questions answered

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

As we mark World Immunization Week 2021, EU NEIGHBOURS east, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), has produced a set of interactive explainers on All you need to know about vaccination in the time of COVID-19’.

Every year, World Immunization Week runs in the last week of April, this year with the slogan ‘Vaccines bring us closer’ – a key message as the world looks to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and the social isolation it has imposed.

Did you know how many lives vaccination saves every year? How vaccines are developed and tested? Or how the EU is supporting vaccination in the Eastern Partnership? ‘All you need to know about vaccination’ tackles the overall benefits of vaccination, questions about safety and vaccine coverage, and how the EU and the WHO are helping with vaccination in the Eastern partner countries. It also addresses the issue of anti-vaccine conspiracies and fake news, and looks at what else the EU is doing to support its partners during the pandemic.

As part of its Immunization Week campaign, the WHO and its partners around the world will campaign to build solidarity and trust in vaccination as a public good that saves lives and protects health – “Whilst vaccines aren’t a silver bullet, they will help us progress on a path to a world where we can be together again,” says the WHO.

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All you need to know about vaccination in the time of COVID-19

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