Young European Ambassadors in Belarus

Young European Ambassadors in Belarus
1. I’ve heard about the Young European Ambassadors, but I’m not sure who they are and what they do

The Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) are a network of young people (16 – 25 years old) from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and European Union (EU) countries.


They are volunteers that are interested in European Union’s relationship with their countries, who share their knowledge and experience of opportunities offered by the EU.

The YEAs take part in many regional and international events, like the European Youth Event (EYE2018) in (Strasbourg, June 2018), the Eastern Partnership Annual Conference (Vienna, December 2018) and the launch of the 10th Anniversary of Eastern Partnership (Brussels, February 2019).

More importantly, though, the YEAs organise their own events and activities in their home countries and communities. For example, to mark Human Rights Day on 10th December, the Young European Ambassadors in all Eastern partner countries planned special activities in their respective communities about human rights and how the European Union promotes them.

The YEAs initiative is coordinated on behalf of the EU institutions by the ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project.

2. What will I gain from becoming a Young European Ambassador?

Being a Young European Ambassador you will have the opportunity to meet new, like-minded young people and develop your personal skills. You will get to know other young people from yours and other countries who share same ideas and interests as you. You will travel across the country and interact with other people about the European Union, its partnership with your country and opportunities it offers. All of this will help you to improve your teamwork, problem-solving, leadership and people skills. These are important soft skills to have for your future careers!

By being active in your community, you will get the chance to show your friends, your family and your country what kind of community you would like to live in. You will be able to empower the people around you and have an impact on their lives!

In the end, and most important of all, being a Young European Ambassador gives you the chance to make friends, to share your knowledge and experiences, or simply to discover yourself and the world around you! 

3. Will I be paid for my work as a Young European Ambassador?

The ‘Young European Ambassadors’ initiative is voluntary and you will not be remunerated. 

The costs for the organisation of YEAs activities are covered by the ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project. This includes, for example, organisation of visits to schools and universities to have interactive workshops; environmental actions, like planting trees; participation in international events abroad, and many others.

4. I would like to become a Young European Ambassador, how should I apply?

You could apply if you:

  • are a citizen of one of the EU Member States or Eastern partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine)
  • are 16-25 years old
  • have a good level of English
  • are interested in EU affairs and the partnership and cooperation between the EU and your country
  • are interested in public diplomacy and outreach activities, ready to share knowledge, experience and information
  • are motivated in contributing to the development of your community and country
  • are interested in voluntary activities and ready to dedicate sufficient time to be part of civic engagement activities.

To keep up to date with announcements of new calls for applications to become a ‘Young European Ambassador’, join the ‘Young European Neighbours’ network and subscribe to the ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ news alerts!

5. How are the YEAs selected?

To become a Young European Ambassador you should first comply with the eligibility criteria defined above. At first you we will evaluate your ability to express yourself in English and have good communication skills; Then we will look at your knowledge of EU and interest in EU affairs and EU’s partnership with your country. Next the voluntary experience or participation in civil engagement activities will be assessed. However, your demonstrated interest, motivation and capacity to engage will form the basis for the final selection.

6. How many Young European Ambassadors are there in Belarus? What kind of things have they done so far?

There are 76 Young European Ambassadors in Belarus. Click here to meet them!

To date the YEAs in Belarus organised/participated in more than 20 civic engagement activities, focusing on:

  • visits to schools and universities to share their knowledge about the EU and opportunities it offers to young people
  • environmental actions
  • international and public diplomacy events
  • social issues

 You can see them IN ACTION here

In Belarus, the Young European Ambassadors came up with a great idea for a series of activities called ‘EU&U’. The aim is to make young people across Belarus (especially those in more remote regions) aware of what the European Union is, and what it offers to young Belarusians. For each event, the Young European Ambassadors invite young people who have taken part in one of the many EU programmes (e.g. scholarships, internships, volunteer programmes) to share their experience and speak about their involvement with the European Union. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and to learn from the lives of others. 

 So far, there have been eight events in Brest, Hrodna, Baranavičy, Polack, Viciebsk, Mahilioŭ, Homieĺ and Babrujsk. Stay tuned – there are many more to come!

7. I can’t join the YEAs, but I’d like to take part in their activities: is this possible?

YES! Even if you are not a Young European Ambassador, you can participate in events organised by the YEAs! Are you interested? If yes, here is how you can stay up to date: