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"Spitak Manushak" social enterprise

Stronger Women, Stronger Spitak

Due to the EU4Women funding, women involved in “Spitak Manushak” became more active and independent. Starting one’s own business, especially for women, is a big step for my small town, and as a young man who lives here, I should say I really notice the positive changes these women bring to our local community, and I believe they will get even stronger, and make our town stronger…Stronger women, stronger Spitak!  
Tigran Minasyan 19 April 2021
EU-Georgia Dialogue Initiative

Young European Ambassadors Discuss Georgian History and Politics

Covid-19 may be powerful enough to prevent us from gathering physically, but we still are able to meet  on Zoom and explore each other’s culture profoundly. This is what YEAs have been doing since the beginning of 2021 through a project called “the EU-Georgia dialogue initiative”.
Giorgi Giorgadze 15 April 2021
Photo: European Union

Georgian language: it is not so different!

Georgian, is defined as part of the Kartvelian languages and it is the official language of Georgia. The Kartvelian language family is often also defined as Iberian or South Caucasian. It can be divided into many different subgroups, varying regionally in Georgia, but including also dialects spoken in parts of the Black Sea coast area in Turkey, the Eṣfahān region in Iran and some parts of Azerbaijan. But how European is it?
Timon Mario Aydin Turban 15 April 2021
Photo: European Union

First Session of EU-Georgia Dialogue Initiative: “The EU and Georgia. How the EaP supports youth leaders”

The EU-based YEAs are organizing a series of events called “Dialogue Initiative” (DI), with the aim of better understanding the six EaP countries, their History, culture, its relations with the EU, as well as different policy areas related to Human Rights, Gender Equality, the Environment and Youth Opportunities.This article tells the experience of a Georgian YEA, with insights into EU-Georgia relations.
Tsitsino Khachidze 14 April 2021
Photo: European Union

ESC in times of COVID-19 pandemic: first-hand experience

While the start of the COVID-19 pandemic for most people meant confinement inside their own house, let alone country, European Solidarity Corps volunteers continued their service abroad. Five volunteers from Ukraine started their projects in four countries, each facing different conditions, challenges, ups and downs. In this article Kateryna Kravchenko, Halyna Nikitina, Anna Dovha, Anna Trushkina and Kateryna Tarab described not only the whole process of selection and onboarding but also touched on the challenges of volunteering and moving in times of COVID-19 pandemic, pointing out how restrictions affected their activities and shared their impressions and unforgettable memories.
Kateryna Kravchenko, Halyna Nikitina, Anna Dovha, Anna Trushkina and Kateryna Tarab 14 April 2021
Photo credits: Angelina Bambina

Georgian Women Are Fighting for Gender Equality

We, women, young people, activists living in Georgia believe that with our great efforts and the help of European Union will achieve full gender equality in a country, where women are protected by the state and the law. In addition to the law, she will also be free from society, from terrible stereotypes and stigmas.  
Esma Gumberidze, Rusudan Mirotadze 06 April 2021
Photo: European Union

Gender-based violence against women: psychotherapeutic input on how to recognise violence and how to support women

This is an article by Nataliya Tereshchenko, Young European Ambassador from Ukraine and Secretary of the Head Office of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), where she focuses on the gender-based violence against women in the context of COVID-19.
Nataliya Tereshchenko 06 April 2021
YEAs visit to Adjara

YEAs initiative as the liaison between local communities and diplomatic representatives in Georgia

This is a story about the working visit of French Ambassador to Georgia, Diego Colas and Young European Ambassador, the founder of YEA´s led “EuroClub Kvareli”, Nika Gurini to the Georgian region of Adjara.
Nika Gurini 06 April 2021
Nutsa Mkhetsadze

Winning Essays of the "We Should All Be Feminists" Competition by EuroClub Kvareli

Kvareli EuroClub organised essay competition for schoolchildren from Kvareli region on the topic “We Should All Be Feminists”, aiming at raising awareness on gender equality among the youth of Kvareli municipality, encouraging creativity and critical thinking among the youth, promoting works of the young people on social media and influence their peers. Out of 150 essays, best 10 were announced on 15 March, 2021.   
Keso Chkhikvadze, Salome Gaprindashvili, Nutsa Mkhetsadze 25 March 2021