Returning to my country as a Young European Ambassador

author: Carolina Sclifos  08-12-2017

Always, when I go back home, I am fulfilled with a sense of happiness and childhood memories. But this time, when I returned as a Young European Ambassador, it was a special honour, as I had the opportunity to share my experience and to motivate young students from Moldova to aspire to and explore the new opportunities offered by European Union.

“I’ve lived, studied and worked in four different countries, all thanks to the European Union’s opportunities for young people” is how I used to start my speech. However, this particular initiative made me realise, once again, that a big part of my soul belongs to Moldova, my homeland. I am therefore so grateful for this opportunity to do something important for the youth from my country.

On my return to Moldova as a Young European Ambassador, we visited around eight local schools in five days, and each of the visits proved to be a unique experience. The hospitality and warm welcoming provided by the teachers was amazing. To see the happy pupils running in the school hallways was a throwback to our childhood. I was amazed by their energy, which was definitely a source for us too. The creativity and ingenuity of the students was striking, and they had plenty of ideas on how to improve their community. Our task was therefore to help them see that each of these ideas can be transformed into specific actions designed to develop their community – and also the whole country, as some of them argued.

Each of the Young European Ambassadors had previous experience in Europe, either studying abroad through Erasmus, volunteering with the European Voluntary Service, or participating in youth exchanges. Because of this, it’s sharing these opportunities peer to peer, using informal methods of education, that makes the impact of this initiative so significant. I truly hope some of these young people will soon join our team and help us to be #Strongertogether!


Carolina Sclifos - Republic of Moldova


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