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Belarus: EU presents an electronic map featuring its assistance in the country

21 August 2018
The EU Delegation to Belarus has recently presented an electronic version of the EU Projects Map. The map entitled "Travel around Belarus: How the European Union Supports Local Development" shows the locations of the 42 EU projects that have been or are being implemented throughout the country. The electronic tool also allows to review each project's brief summary, goal and key outcomes. In addition, the map advises on places worth seeing when…

Young European


The Young European Ambassadors (YEA) represent the youth of their countries and network with young people from the European Union and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. They exchange experience, discuss matters of direct concern to young people, share best practices and work together for a better future. The Young European Ambassadors regularly participate in dialogue-driven activities and engage online on a daily basis through the 'Young European Neighbours network' Facebook group.

YEAs plant trees in Armenia for World Environment Day

Why you should be more eco-friendly: my experience in Armenia

“This area is yours,” said the local community leader, “green it as much as you want!”  On 3 June, in commemoration of World Environment Day, the Young European Ambassadors in Armenia, including…
Titan Asatryan 14 June 2018
'Career Days: EU' in Ukraine, May 24

How could you benefit from informal education?

Hello everyone, my name is Alina and I am a Young European Ambassador from Ukraine. On 24 May, my fellow Young European Ambassador Viktor Savinok and I participated in the ‘Career Days: EU’ which…
Alina Mykytyshyn 13 June 2018
EU Conference on Youth, Peace and Security in Brussels, May 23-24

What is the Future of Youth, Peace and Security?

Hello, my name is Nika and I am from Belarus. On May 23-24, six Young European Ambassadors including myself took part in the EU Conference on Youth, Peace and Security in Brussels which brought…
Veronika Pavlovskaya 12 June 2018

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