Irina Fusu, dentist and entrepreneur who wants to digitize curing process in Moldova and educate her patients about dental ethics


At just 31 years old, dentist Irina Fusu is in the final sprint to open her own dental clinic, a business designed together with her husband, who is also a dentist.

After oral-maxillofacial residency and five years of experience in the field, Irina and her husband decided to open their own clinic, at home.

As someone who returned back home and decided to set-up her own business, Irina was eligible for assistance through the governmental programme PARE 1+1 supported by the EU, which offers non-reimbursable grants to migrant workers who wish to start a business in the Republic of Moldova.

Irina describes herself as social entrepreneur and says that her goal is to find a balance in her business between making profit and helping people.

„I would like to educate my patients, collaborate with them. Patients need to understand that the doctor doesn’t need tricks, we want to propose complex treatment, but we’re going step by step”, says the young entrepreneur and doctor.

In her business, Irina Fusu prefers to be guided by the scientist Leonardo Da Vinci’s phrase - „Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

„I want to have a lot of transparency in my activity, to be accessible and honest. And, at the same time, I want to bring something new”, says Irina Fusu.

The woman says she will focus on maximizing the role of technology and digitization in the diagnosis and treatment process. „I love precision, accuracy, I like it when we talk in pixels, microns”, Irina explains.

PARE 1+1 helped Irina implement her business model. With the provided grant, the young woman acquired a visiograph and an orthopantomograph, state-of-the-art devices in the diagnostic process. Moreover, the acquired radiological technique emits the lowest dose of irradiation.

The young dentist intends to continue her business in Moldova offering the whole range of dental services: from therapy, paedodontics to prosthesis and implant surgery. She also intends to educate patients about dental ethics and create a trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient, something that she wishes would become a standard in Moldovan medicine.

Author: Adriana Vlas

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