How residents in Novoyavorivsk, Ukraine benefit from energy efficiency

Podcast story

Homeowner association ‘Lypy-2’ in the city of Novoyavorivsk, Lviv Region, was the first in Ukraine to receive a thermal modernisation grant under the Energy Efficiency Fund project First Movers.

Grant was paid through the Multi-Donor Trust Fund, which is administered by the International Finance Corporation. The fund’s contributors are the EU and the German government. The project was launched in 2019 to test the procedures of the Energy Efficiency Fund. Its main goal is to test the ‘client journey’ and improve working procedures: from energy audit to verification of energy efficiency measures.

We spoke with Halyna Dzhulay, manager of ‘Lypy-2’, who commented:

“We benefit a lot from these modernisation works. Last winter, we saved between 50–70% on our heating bills, and the co-owners have already recouped their investment in the project. The building is now renovated, and its service life is extended by decades. The cost of the apartments has also increased. Both the co-owners and I are satisfied,” says Halyna.

The total cost of the energy modernisation project amounted to nearly UAH 4,200,000 (around €126,000). The homeowner association received a grant of nearly UAH 3,000,000 (around €88,000, or 70% of the total cost). Following the energy auditor’s recommendations, the building was equipped with an individual heating point, the heating pipes, external walls and structures were insulated, and the hydraulic heating system was calibrated.

“The residents of ‘Lypy-2’ and I have long wanted to insulate the facade and to replace the heating system, because there were many problems with it. As soon as I learnt about the ‘First Movers’ project, I announced the opportunity to the co-owners and everyone agreed to participate. We went through the whole journey together – from the preliminary to the final energy audit. The whole process took about 6–7 months. As a manager, I advise all my colleagues not to procrastinate. If there are problems in their apartment buildings, they should definitely be solved with help from the Energy Efficiency Fund, because 70% of the total cost is not a small amount.”

You can listen to the full interview in Ukrainian in the podcast.