EU4Energy Babushka’s tips on how to be more energy efficient


The EU supports energy efficiency measures through the EU4Energy programme. EU4Energy addresses energy supply, security and connectivity issues in the Eastern partner countries, and promotes the use of renewable energy sources.

As society is becoming greener, people are realising that energy efficiency is essential for reducing CO2 emissions and limiting human impact on the environment. It is also a great way to save money on electricity.

“When I was younger, people didn’t really think much about saving energy. But now we know that energy efficiency is important! Remember – it is not about stopping energy use, but about using energy more wisely and sparingly,” says EU4Energy Babushka, our friendly expect on energy efficiency.

EU4Energy Babushka visited radio stations in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova to share her top tips on how to save both energy and money while protecting the environment.

Listen to our full interview with Babushka to learn what you can do at home to be more energy efficient: