Belarus: The people of Kamieniec in safer hands thanks to new EU-funded fire station


Ever since the old fire station of the Kamieniec Fire Brigade in Belarus was declared unsafe and demolished in 2017, the local firefighters have been down on their luck.

But they are soon moving to a new state-of-the-art facility that even regional fire services would envy – all thanks to a joint project of the European Union and the Brest Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies.

Everyone deserves good working conditions

The new fire station, which is estimated to cost over €2 million, will include a two-story administrative and housing complex with an assembly hall, gym, security education centre, staff rooms and parking. The modern facilities will also have several resting areas, greatly improving the firefighters' downtime.

Andrey Parafenyuk, Head of the Kamieniec District Department of the Ministry of Emergencies, is excited about the new fire station:

“There will be well-equipped rooms for physical exercise and combat training, a kitchen, and a dining room. We hope that this will significantly increase our level of preparedness and make the team even more closely knit. Everyone deserves good working conditions.”

The town of Kamieniec is located in Brest – a Belarusian region bordering Poland and Ukraine. The town has a total population of 8,000, with over 34,000 people living in the whole district. The Kamieniec Fire Brigade employs a total of 49 firefighters, and is responsible for the entire Kamieniec District as well as the districts of Žabinka and Brest.

New aerial ladder and real-life fire simulator

The EU-funded facility will have a new fire truck equipped with powerful fire nozzles and an aerial ladder – a retractable ladder, designed for evacuating people from high structures. Before this equipment, constructing multi-storey buildings in Kamieniec was risky, as firefighters found it difficult to provide emergency assistance to the upper floors of high-rise buildings.

The fire station will also be equipped with a training facility for simulating real-life fire conditions with mazes; thermal manipulators; smoke, sound and light effects.

Konstantin Shershunovich, Head of Information and Public Relations in the Brest Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies, thinks that the new Kamieniec fire station will be one of the best in the country in terms of architecture, logistics and working conditions. He notes that the project also plans the purchasing of 40 protective suits and 75 sets of breathing equipment with two mobile compressors for refuelling.

Regional cooperation

Konstantin says that partnership with the neighbouring regions is essential for Kamieniec because of the town’s geographical location.

New fire station is being built in Kamieniec, Belarus

“Cooperation with the Polish and Ukrainian rescue services gives us the opportunity to quickly adopt new trends and guidelines in the field. In the event of an emergency, we can help our colleagues across the border, and they are ready to do the same.”

Konstantin emphasised that thanks to this cross-border cooperation the quality of work of rescuers in Belarus is just as high as that of their EU peers.

Author: Elena Spasyuk

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