Technical Assistance: Strengthening non-State actors' Capacities to Promote Reform and increase Public Accountability (Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress)

Project duration



€3.4 million
Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress
Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress

Brief Description

Part of the Eastern Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility, the project supports civil society organisations in six Eastern Partnership countries to become stronger players in policy dialogue

Countries covered: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine


By empowering Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and strengthening their capacities, the ‘Civil Society.Dialogue for Progress’ project aims to create a more level playing field, thus giving these organisations the best possibilities to get involved with their respective national and local authorities in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region.

Actions in brief

  • Mapping the needs of civil society actors, their capacities to get involved in policy dialogue, identifying how these actors can contribute to specific sector policy dialogues.
  • Capacity-building activities for civil society actors aimed to enhance their role in promoting reform and increasing public accountability in Eastern Neighbourhood policy areas.
  • Guidance, technical support and visibility of the projects selected thorough the Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility regional call for proposals.
  • Organising multi-stakeholder consultations at national and regional level involving civil society actors, national authorities and EU Delegations.
  • Ensuring visibility of the Eastern Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility, which this project is part of, as well as of EU efforts to support civil society actors in EaP countries.
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