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Join #EU4Energy Babushka challenge and win a prize

13 March 2019
Being more energy efficient can be simple if you listen to our #EU4Energy Babushka! From 13th to 25rd of March, our Babushka will share valuable tips and tricks about how to save energy and money by being more energy efficient. And she wants you to share any advice you have on how to consume less energy. Join the #EU4Energy Babushka challenge and share your own tips on our social media channels…

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EU4Energy: Focus on Georgia

#EU4Energy: Focus on Georgia

EU4Energy Belarus

#EU4Energy: Lights Festival in Polack, Belarus

Enguri hydroelectric power station, Georgia

#EU4Energy: Enguri hydroelectric power station in Georgia

Synthesis gas, Armenia

#EU4Energy: Armenia uses the eco-friendly synthesis gas