Teachers in EU Neighbourhood join in online activities to celebrate Europe's diverse cultural heritage

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 1 October, the EU-supported eTwinning Plus project launched an eTwinning Weeks campaign to encourage its members, teachers and pupils in EU Neighbourhood, to develop and submit projects focusing on cultural heritage and to participate in a number of interactive events.

The online events will include expert talks, project fairs and an all-day online conference that will guide members of the eTwinning community through the project development.

On 4 October, the project will host an online seminar on cultural heritage. The eTwinners will have a chance to learn from the best practices of eTwinning experts, and to pitch their project ideas to their colleagues.

During the campaign, eTwinners will have access to a special partner-finding forum, where teachers can share ideas and connect with each other in order to create their own cultural heritage project.

Project proposals will be accepted until 25 October. More information on the eTwinning Weeks campaign can be found here.

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