European Training foundation growing support to EU East and South Neighbourhood

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Each year, the ETF supports the European Commission services and EU Delegations in the field of human capital development at bilateral and regional level in the Enlargement, Neighbourhood (East and South) and the Central Asian regions. ETF’s support to EU external assistance is targeted to the project cycle of EU interventions, facilitating EU bilateral and regional sector policy dialogue and providing thematic diagnosis and analysis.

Requests for ETF support have increased in the past year. Highlights include Ukraine, in which the ETF accompanied the EU Delegation in the feasibility study and formulation of the large-scale EU project in VET ‘EU4Skills: “Better Skills for Modern Ukraine” (€38M). And, in Georgia, concluding 2 years of ETF’s intensive work and negotiations with the national authorities, the Financing Agreement of the EU budget support programme ‘Skills Development for Better Employability’ (€50M) was signed. The whole programme was designed by the ETF, including the complementary measures, i.e. Twinning, Grant Scheme and Technical Assistance.

Elsewhere, in Algeria, for the second year, the ETF has been content monitoring the “Appui à la Formation Emploi et Qualifications”-programme and also designed a new EU project to support youth employability in tourism and handicraft.

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