An EU-funded journalism training programme for the EU and Neighbourhood countries has been launched

Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood
Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood
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The College of Europe Natolin (Warsaw) Campus is proud to announce that a new, free-of-charge training programme (e-learning classes and in-person courses) that looks at fact-based journalism and European information policy has been launched. It has been developed under the new EU-funded initiative known as Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood (JCN). Its main aim is to improve knowledge-based journalism and skills among journalists, media professionals, NGOs, and other influencers.

The JCN e-learning programme includes both obligatory and optional courses. Three of the five obligatory courses are now available on-line, and new courses will be added shortly. The obligatory courses are:

1) Disinformation and fake news

2) Open data and investigative journalism

3) Multimedia journalism

4) Value-based and conflict-sensitive reporting

5) Monetisation, EU funding and financial sustainability

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