Eastern Partnership Culture Programme

Strengthens regional cultural links and dialogue within the Eastern Partnership region, and between the EU and ENP Eastern countries' cultural networks and actors

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia

Timeframe: 2011—2015

Budget: € 12 million


It aims at assisting the Partner Countries in their cultural policy reform at government level, as well as capacity building and improving professionalism of cultural operators in the Eastern ENP region. It contributes to exchange of information and experience among cultural operators at a regional level and with the EU. The programme seeks to support regional initiatives which demonstrate positive cultural contributions to economic development, social inclusion, conflict resolution and intercultural dialogue.

What does it do?

The programme helps strengthen policy-making, project and resource generating capacities of both the public sector and cultural operators. It fosters dialogue and contributes to the development of co-operation mechanisms within the sector across the region.
It also promotes intra-regional and inter-regional (EU-ENP) cultural initiatives and partnerships while helping to strengthen management skills and networking capacities of the cultural organisations and operators. The programme furthers linkages between cultural activities and wider regional agendas ranging from employment creation to social inclusion, environmental conservation, conflict prevention/resolution and intercultural dialogue.
Actions in brief

Actions in brief

- Provides technical assistance to the Ministries of the region in their policy reforms in the cultural sector and helps overhaul legal and regulatory framework to foster cultural sector modernisation.

- Organizes training to address the identified skills shortages in the cultural sector.

- Facilitates the increase of public access to cultural resources.

- Supports conservation and valorisation of regional cultural resources and heritage.

- Encourages multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral exchanges between government, civil society and the private sector.

- Helps cultivate cultural operators in the region through support in developing strategic management, business planning, communications, advocacy, fundraising and other relevant capacities.




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