EMBLAS – Environmental Monitoring of the Black Sea

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EMBLAS – Environmental Monitoring of the Black Sea
€2.72 million (EU: €2.5 million; UNDP: €0.22 million)

The project aims to restore the environmental quality of the Black Sea, supporting Black Sea partner countries in tackling common environmental challenges and helping them to enhance their ability to perform marine environmental monitoring and collect data on the status of the Sea – which is crucial for knowledge-based decision-making.  

Countries covered: Georgia, Russia, Ukraine

  • To improve the availability and quality of data on the chemical and biological status of the Black Sea;
  • To improve partner countries’ ability to perform marine environmental monitoring in line with the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive.
Actions in brief

The project supports the partner countries to:

  • Review national monitoring systems and tools for assessing data;
  • Conduct national pilot monitoring studies;
  • Implement obligations under relevant Conventions and Agreements, including the development of indicator-based reporting on compliance;
  • Develop and implement cost-effective and harmonised monitoring programmes, in accordance with reporting obligations under multilateral environmental agreements;
  • Enhance capacity and regional cooperation in monitoring by organising joint cruises;
  • Facilitate marine environmental information sharing between Black Sea countries – upgrade and operate the web-based Black Sea Water Quality Database;
  • Disseminate knowledge and best practices, and raise public awareness.

The project builds on the results of a preparatory action – EMBLAS I (2013-14).