Forest And Forestry School Teacher’s Manual

Forest And Forestry School Teacher’s Manual
Full publication (Russian)

This School Teacher’s Manual is an output of the educational component of the Russia Country Workplan to implement the FLEG II Program (the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument East Countries Forest Law Enforcement and Governance II Program). The educational component was included in the Country Workplan in view of a high priority attached to human resource capacity building to address strategic issues of the forest sector development in Russia in the context of intensification of forest use, protection and renewal.

The Teacher’s Manual is designated to guide practical training of school children to supply them with knowledge and skills, including training activities in forest sites under the leadership of teachers and, as appropriate, with involvement of specialists from forest district administrations or other forest organizations. The Manual consists of 8 modules. 

The Manual is intended for use by general school teachers, trainers of school-based forest management units, forest colleges as well as for all those who are keen to learn more about forests and forestry.

Below you can find the full publication in Russian, and the executive summary in English.