Erasmus Mundus Action 2: Scholarship Holders’ Impact Survey

Erasmus Mundus Action 2: Scholarship Holders’ Impact Survey

The Erasmus Mundus Action 2 - Scholarship Holders' Impact Survey: Results presents the results of an impact survey carried out during the second semester of 2014. The survey was launched with the aim to analyse the implementation of Erasmus Mundus Action 2 and notably scholarship holders' opinions and experiences, as well as to measure their satisfaction and assess the programme's impact on their personal lives, skills, competences and career perspectives. Besides, the results provide useful data for the development of current and future programmes and policy frameworks involving the regions and countries covered by this study.

The following pages provide an encouraging picture of the programme. Scholarship holders who participated in the survey assess positively their experience abroad, including both academic and administrative aspects. A majority of them obtained their diplomas and credits by the end of their mobility and got them recognised by their home institutions upon return to their countries. Besides, most respondents declare that their participation in the programme has had a very positive effect on their personality, skills and professional competences and has enhanced their employment opportunities and career perspectives. Considering that most of them returned to their countries of origin or were planning to do so at the time of answering, it seems that these positive outcomes will eventually have an impact on scholarship holders' countries of origin.

However, a certain number of issues still need to be addressed. These include tackling gender imbalances in certain regions and among student profiles and staff groups, but also improving the reciprocity between education systems and implementing fully effective recognition mechanisms in certain regions and countries concerned.