Visa-free travel: important move in EU-Ukraine relations

Безвизовый режим: важный шаг  в отношениях между ЕС и Украиной

European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs committee issued the statement on the signature of EU visa free regime for Ukrainian citizens on 17 May. As of next month, Ukrainian citizens will be able to travel to the EU without visa for up to 90 days. According to the Members of European Parliament, this was a result of “fulfilling all the benchmarks of the visa liberalisation action plan” in particular in the field of “anti-discrimination and of fight against corruption”.

“Today’s signature of the law exempting Ukrainians from visa requirements for travelling in the EU marks the finalisation of a long process which started already in 2008”, the Statement said.

 “On this joyful day for Ukraine and for EU-Ukraine relations, we don’t forget however about the deeply worrying developments in the Eastern part of Ukraine and in illegally annexed Crimea.”.

Members of Parliament calls to “stop this evolution and to preserve the unity of the country”  and they  believe that “these developments must be taken into account notably in the upcoming discussions on the EU sanctions against the Russian Federation.”