EU Support Group helps Ukraine with public administration reforms

EU Support Group helps Ukraine with public administration reforms
European Union

On 17 May, Oleksandr Saienko, the Minister of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, met with Peter Wagner, the Head of the EU’s Support Group for Ukraine, to discuss further steps in public administration reform. During the meeting, Saienko described further steps in improving the structure of ministries and establishing strategic planning units and open public contests, as well as providing new instruments for electronic communication.

Wagner emphasised: “Today Ukraine is undertaking difficult, but necessary steps to modernise its civil service and to make government more efficient, transparent and responsive to the demands of its citizens. We are proud to support Ukraine in hiring talented individuals in order to bring know-how of the private sector and expert community into public affairs management. A professional civil service is a foundation for successful implementation of all other reforms.”

The working groups will analyse the functions of the country’s ministries to create a new structure. Some ministerial functions will be transferred over to other institutions. New positions will be filled via open and transparent contests conducted with the participation of HR experts. This will allow around 1,000 professionals to be hired who are capable of efficiently performing their duties.

The European Union recently approved the disbursement of the first tranche of EUR 10 million within the framework of the EU’s 'Support to Comprehensive Reform of Public Administration in Ukraine' project.