Energy efficiency project to bring benefits to Armenians

Energy efficiency project to bring benefits to Armenians

On 6 April, the Steering Committee of the “Access to Renewable and Effective Energy in Vayk and Spitak Municipalities” project met in Yerevan to discuss the results of the last five months of implementation. The meeting included a presentation of the progress of the project, which has included a detailed energy audit of three Spitak apartment buildings and financial and technical planning for the installation of solar panels.

The project involves the implementation of energy-saving and energy-efficient measures in 45 multi-storey residential and public buildings in the cities of Spitak and Vayk. The measures include the replacement of roofs, doors and windows, thermal refurbishment of attics and installation of LED lamps.

As part of the project, which is a Covenant of Mayors demonstration project, solar panels will also be installed on the premises of a kindergarten in Spitak to provide an autonomous supply of heating and electricity.

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