OPEN Neighbourhood (Regional Communication Programme phase II)


Brief Description

OPEN Neighbourhood builds on the achievements of the first phase of the Regional Communication Programme and aims at reinforcing people-to-people contacts between the EU and its Eastern and Southern partner countries. Through communication activities and relations with local journalists, the programme seeks to make EU action in the Neighbourhood region more known to people in the partner countries.

OPEN Neighbourhood is structured around three complementary components:

  • Two mirror projects communicating the results of EU support in the South and the East of the Neighbourhood:
  1. OPEN SouthEU Neighbours South (€5.7 million)
  2. OPEN EastEU Neighbours East  (€4.5 million)

Both projects aim at increasing the understanding of EU policy and actions in their respective regions, through the development of information and communication materials, awareness raising campaigns, opinion polling surveys and media monitoring.

This project aims at creating a virtual media hub spanning the two regions, in order to contribute to the development of independent media and to a more accurate presentation of EU policies in the Neighbourhood regions, through the creation of a network of journalists. The OPEN Media Hub will provide skills to journalists and media managers through the fostering of professional networks, the provision of hands -on workshops, of journalist exchanges and support to audio-visual and online production.